A Taste of City Buffet in Robinson's Ortigas

Just earlier, I was dragged by my sister to try the new concept of Yakimix in City Buffet at Robinson's Place Ortigas. She is one of the suppliers of the resto and was invited to its soft opening.

The food is great and there are lots of seafood. But unlike in Yakimix, no need to grill meats and seafood cuts here. The cuisines are mixed of Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. There's also a touch of Spanish with their Paella and some Indian cooking. Mixed fruits are also in abundance. I also highly recommend their ice cream especially the Pistachio flavor.

If you would like to try the City Buffet, I think the price is Php 499 on weekends and holidays. Not sure if it's included with drinks. Sorry, I was not able to pay attention on the price as I was really enjoying the food. Plus, we're official guests so it's in the house. =).

Here are some of the pics I took earlier.

City Buffet, Robinson's Ortigas
City Buffet, 4th flr Robinson's Ortigas

A taste of City Buffet in Robinsons Ortigas
I so love the cream dory fish with lemon sauce. yummy!
blue iced tea at City Buffet in Robinsons Ortigas
My ever loved blue iced tea!
Blueberry Cheesecake and mango pudding.
Blueberry Cheesecake (the not so cheesecake) and mango pudding.
little bakery at City Buffet in Robinsons Ortigas
One of the staff told me that taking photos of the shelf is
prohibited but I can use it as a background only. :P

City Buffet in Robinsons Ortigas interior

City Buffet in Robinsons Ortigas interior
City Buffet in Robinsons Ortigas interiors.
And I love the chair.
So sad that I was not able to take a photo of it.


  1. they have also crab or dimsu and they have also shake like buffet 101 ?

  2. hi! thanks for dropping by. Yes, they have crabs, often that they have to refill the plate =).

    I think I saw someone ordered a shake so it's a separate order.

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