My Own Version of Mango Graham Cake With Cherries

One of the simplest and easiest cake that any person can make is the refrigerated cake. It's also our favorite desert and I love doing it with mango as its flavor.

fresh fruit mango or other tropical fruits you want
all purpose cream
condense milk
graham biscuits

how to make Graham (Refrigerated) Cake:
1. mix 2 packs of all purpose cream and one can of condense milk. My ratio is always 2:1. You can add more milk as you desire but I love the taste of the cream more than the sweetness of the condense milk.
2. cut the mangoes. I usually crush the mangoes or put it in blender with my mixture in #1. It gives more flavor in between the biscuits.
3. spread the liquid mixture on top of every biscuit layer. I suggest that you spread generously as it will be absorbed by the biscuits eventually. If the put less mixture, your cake will be dry.
4. repeat #3 as long as you want.
5. top with mixture, fresh mangoes and cherries. You can also design it with crushed graham crackers as illustrated in the first image above.
6. Refrigerate and serve cold.

Voila! You now have a tasty Mango Graham Cake with Cherries.


  1. Wow very appetizing.

  2. Very appetizing and appealing for kids.

  3. what a creative yet simple way of preparing a delecious cake.

  4. thanks, I'm glad you like it!


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