My First Sushi Dish Attempt

Every Christmas, I always make sure to create a theme on the food that we're going to prepare. Over the years, I find Spaghetti, Lumpiang Shanghai and Fried Chicken boring every year. We started thinking about themes three years ago.

So our 2011 Christmas food theme is Japanese. I tried to replicate most of Tokyo Tokyo's dishes like the buttered veggies, pork tonkatsu and their sushi (not the maki, though). I was not able to take a photo of the feast table but I have here few photos of my first attempt to create Sushi.

Here are the ingredients on making sushi:
1. Japanese Rice -- this is kinda expensive so I tried to use Jasmin Rice. BUT it is best to use Japanese rice because of its short grains.
2. Rice Vinegar
3. Sushi wraper
4. Kikkoman Soy sauce with lemon
5. fillings - Salmon is expensive that time so I just use ripe mango,  cucumber and fried egg. Yeah, I'm working on a budget!
Wasabi is optional. I don't like it so I did not use it.

There are various websites that offer the right way of making sushi so I suggest that you search on Google  more. I did several trial and errors before I perfected the size. Anyways, here are some photos.

my helpful sushi maker tools. I bought this from CVC supermarket at P54

May not look that professionally made but our visitors told me that it's delicious.

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