What's up Philippines?

While everyone's busy on CJ Corona's trial, ordinary people are also so busy looking for money to fund their daily living. And I'm not an exception. I have a good and high earning job but I can feel the intense effect of the "getting" high cost of living in the Philippines. Oh c'mon... ordinary Filipinos and now includes the middle class are suffering for God sake! Can't you see?

Early this morning, I bought M-Gas, it's now 830 pesos. Used to be 450 pesos way back before. argh.
Yesterday, I paid Maynilad. My last month's bill is 1,000 Pesos. I just paid Php 1,652.17. argh!
Last month, our Meralco bill is Php 5,000, now it's Php 5,600. argh!
and the cost of diesel? Should I mention it here?

What the heck? I'm not saying we did not use these services, but of the same consumption... why it became high so suddenly!

My gosh, I can't even think that our airports are charging for terminal fees and what do we got? We have worst airport in the world.

Hey Philippine officials... it's time to come out from your air condition houses and cars. Lumalabas lang kayo at nakikita nyo kami kapag election eh! Tuparin nyo naman ang pangako nyo...

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