It's already 12 midnight but I can't still sleep. So I decided to get my laptop and start posting something about the things that I own.

When I was in my high school years, I can't remember owning something I bought. Well aside from I don't have a job, it was also during those years that we're experiencing a financial crisis. From shoes to bags, those were just borrowed or given by my sisters. Until I went to college, I'm trying to save some from my allowances to buy my own stuff, only to realize that I only have a pair of shoes and one bag.

Feeling so misfortune, I told myself that I will have all the things that my heart's desire when I get a job. While finding my first job has not been easy, luckily I found one with just a very very good compensation. A great opportunity for first-timers like me. Well.. I won't mention the exact figures but to give you a hint, my tax every 15th and 30th ranges from 3K to 7K (max). Guess?

So, it was during that time, I got the money to buy the things I owe myself for the past years. I bought a pair of shoes from my first salary .=) I was also able to eat in sophisticated restaurants, be able to hang up with friends and most of all, provide for my family. But that was just for a while, the company closed after almost 2 years of operation.

So I got my second job and lucky I am again, the compensation is really good (not as good as the first).


Just recently, I moved my shoes and bags to their own cabinet. Yes, I fulfilled my promise. Because I have so many bags and shoes excluding those that has been given away, I need to move them to their own place. =)

As of this writing, I have, I think 23 pair of shoes comprising of rubber shoes, sandals, office shoes, flipflops and boots. I now also have 18 bags including those that has been given to me as a gift. For the watch, I now also have 7 branded watches and other pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

While I can now buy anything I want, I still consider the budget and its importance and use. I'm really glad that God has given me the chance to have those that I once dreamed of...thanks to him!

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