Who's Telling the Truth on TV Ratings?

If I will be asked who’s telling the truth between GMA 7 and ABS-CBN 2 on TV ratings, I would say “I REALLY DON'T CARE .” Well… it’s been more than a month since the TV rating issue was brought up to the public. And I’m also sick and tired of hearing both sides, whether on TV or radio. Though they’re just telling their own story, I really feel that they’re both taking advantage of the situation.

I think they should stop now! They’re just throwing each other with allegations that generate wrong impressions to the public. Who’s the culprit or the victim? The cases have already been submitted to the court so why not let the court do its job.

I don’t own one of the panel homes of AGB Nielsen to testify which of them is responsible to TV rating anomalies. I love the shows of ABS CBN but that doesn’t mean I believe in their testimony neither I take GMA’s testimonial as FALSE.

I don’t also take the Kapamilya and Kapuso terms wholeheartedly. I just love watching some shows of both channels. Teleseryes of ABS CBN and documentary shows of GMA 7.

An open letter:
I really wish that you would both STOP the NONSENSE FIGHT on TV. YOU are both giants at your own strong points. Let not the people be of judge… it’s already in the court… Whoever wins today, in the end, one will be forced to face the Good Lord with the truth in his heart!

I pray for both of you. It’s not actually healthy to see great networks fighting for ratings that only few people represents. Tomorrow it’s already history and whatever you say today will be the fruit that you’ll reap in the future.

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