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It's actually rare these days that my phone would wake me up in the middle of the night. Receiving various forwarded texts from my friends got fewer and fewer as time goes by. For so many reasons such as expensive unlimited texting and time constraint things, I completely understand why they are slowly vanishing away.

Since my phone has been wrecked for being overused, I never got the chance to know if I have been receiving bulk messages like before. The text messages I got last holiday season is quite small compare to last year. But that's also really fine. Despite of these things, I would still want to thank my friends and constant texters who have been there ever since the unlimited texting started. I'd love to share with you some new messages that captured my wit and heart today.

Have you ever noticed that the more special you treat someone, the more that someone takes you for granted?

It's like that they think you won't change..

A cute love story:
A girl had a cancer and she only had 1 month to live. She liked the boy working in a cd shop very much, but she didn't tell him about her love. everyday she used to go to the shop and buy a CD to talk to him. After a month she died, the boy went to her home and asked about her. Her mother told she died and took him to her room. He saw all the CDs unopened and the boy cried..

.. you know why?

He had kept his own love letters inside the cd pack, because he also love her..

Learn how to value the people around you. Ina blink of an eye, what you see may be gone forever. you may not force them to stay but you could give them reasons to go.

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