If you’re a true born Kapampangan, www.kapampanganku.com will definitely rock your world. It’s my friend’s very own website that is based in the historical and remarkable place of the Central Philippines- Pampanga. KapampanganKu is an online site filled with fascinating and up to date information on events, food trips, developments and news; all speak the simple life of Kapampangans.

Aside from the generous copy of calendar of events and feasts, the site also provides a wide selection of available jobs; thus helping his Cabalens unearth the great opportunities in their locale. In addition, it also provides an ever growing directory of famous establishments and shops that will be very beneficial to tourists and people of Pampanga as well. Such establishments include bars and restaurants, computer shops, telephone companies, schools, Sports and fitness centers as well as Government offices and churches, etc.

A native pride of Pampanga, KapampanganKu also showcases a gallery of magnificent and stunning photos of the famous and most talked about spots in Central Luzon. With a special “Tambayan” section, Kapampangans and aspiring ones also have the opportunity to mingle with their kababayans as well. Indeed, KapampanganKu is second to none of the most informative sites ever built... another proudly Pinoy Made Site that will make history in the World Wide Web.

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