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I was actually checking my list of blog optimization strategies when I spotted this post written by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration. The post was two years ago but I still found it really true and helpful.

The post was started with this top-notch question, “How to make foreign visitors love your website even if they don't understand your language?” The answer is “Add Language Translation to your website and blogs.”

Though there are several techniques that have been developed after it was posted, the importance of this tool is still very much recognize today in promoting blogs and making it lovable to foreign visitors.

Adding a Language Translator on your website and/or blog will allow visitors to read and be able to understand your postings in their native language. It is also a powerful machine that helps the readers from various parts of the world communicate well.

Now there are numbers of language translator tools available for your blog. All offers the same function with different variations. The most exciting part about this machine is that you can use if for FREE. Here are the most popular web-based language translation tools according to Amit.

>>Google Translate
>>AltaVista Babelfish

So if you want others to understand your posts and make them constant vistors from other parts of the world, add a language Translator on your blog now! I just did! I used the World Lingo by the way simply because "Google indexes the static URLs translated by World Lingo."

Remember, there are more than 65% of web users speaking a language other than English. You're definitely missing more than half of your potential readers.

Source: Digital Inspiration

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