Blackle – An Energy Saving Search

Blackle is the newest search engine powered by Google that can literally save energy. Independently own by Heap Media, Blackle was launched last January 2007 and now available in various languages such as English, Portuguese, French and Italian.

Following the custom search system of Google, this SE is actually “based on the fact that the display of different colours consumes different amounts of energy on computer monitors.”(according to Wikipedia) The creators of Blackle made a thorough study and experimentation on a variety of CRT and LCD monitors. And so they found out, that an all black screen consumed less energy than the all white screen.

Although powered by Google, Blackle still lacks of some custom features of like a Google Search. It doesn’t also provide the same results as a Google Search. Some are also confuse on lack of clarity regarding the type, size and manufacturer of monitor that the power usage claims refer to.

According to Media Heap, an estimated of 750 megawatts-hours a year can be saved by using Blackle.

Here's the screenshot.


  1. The Carbon Neutral Search Engine also offers black background search using Google Custom Search but offsets a minimum of 100g of CO2 per search.

  2. I prefer using Darkoogle another black Google and is available in over 40 countries

    Best of all its got the 'similar page' option in the result page like the normal white Google. I use that a lot.

  3. I'm using at the moment BLACKOOGLE, which is similar to blackle but offers a lot more functionality like image search, youtube search, mail access, etc. And looks nicer too, give it a try!

    Blackoogle US

    Blackoogle UK


  4. thanks guys for all your contribution. I never came across those sites and I'm beginning to compare each. The strange thing about it is that I don't have any tool to measure how much energy I'm saving using these stuffs...


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