FREE CD, anyone?

In a world surrounded with high priced commodities, isn’t it nice to get something for FREE? Well, you can get small freebies from buying something (oftentimes comes with expensive purchases) but that can’t still considered free right?

So if you want a genuine and no gimmick FREE CD, join the WikiMusicGuide’s Win This CD Contest. Each week, the music fan site that anyone can edit is to give FREE and latest CD to lucky members/participants with correct answer.

What’s at stake? Few minutes of your time. Register and answer a very easy question about the featured album of the week. I meant no-sweat question about the Featured Album of the Week. At the end of each contest week, an electronic raffle will determine the lucky winner. No Hard Work and Expensive Purchases needed!

If you win, the featured CD of the week will be shipped directly at your own door without any obligation! Here’s this week’s trivia question.
What was the name of Corinne Bailey Rae's first all female rock band formed in 1995?

a. Helen
b. Helena
c. Elena

Guidelines and Mechanics of the contest can be seen at WikiMusicGuide – The Free Music Guide.

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