why the word “ambulance” is written backwards?

I’ve seen several ambulances but never realized that the word “ambulance” was written backwards on vehicles. I don’t know why..lolz.. Maybe I’m just after to the patient’s welfare that’s why I’d rather look in the inside than on the prints of the vehicle.

So why backwards? Why not upside down or the usual way? The answer is really simple. Many motorists knew about it and if knowing it today would validate my ignorance, then let it be.

The word “ecnalubma” was written backward so that it becomes readable from rear and side mirror. So it can be easily seen by the drivers and make an effort to let the vehicle pass first.

If you’re observant and a street smart, you can definitely answer this question. Oh, if you’re also a driver, and I’m not!

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  1. the main reason behind this is the property of rear-view mirror which shows the appearance of left into right and right into left (shortly known as 'lateral inversion') this in turn helps the driver in the front to appear the word 'ambulance' correctly in his rear view mirror and give the ambulance side.

    hope you liked my answer.


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