Warning: Scams All Over

Scam #1

After receiving several phone calls from people that offer anything, I decided to make a series of posts to give you warnings. We’ve been living in a very expensive world and receiving something that’s for FREE is really worth taking advantage of. I’ll try to expose each of them in my succeeding posts. Let me start with the Insurance Scam.

I was almost trapped with the agent who told me that I won an accident insurance from the list of persons who were referred by doctors and other medical professionals. Though hesitant at the beginning of the conversation, I still gave it a try to see what’s in store for me. She mentioned one of the country’s recognized Insurance companies and told me that there will be 30 insurance policies to be given to 30 lucky people as their thanksgiving gift for their 29th year anniversary and for topping the industry in their of field specialty. And I was one of them? Think about it, why not 29?

Due to curiosity, I called the company and talked to one of their call center officers. She confirmed that they are really offering gift insurance and that got me even more excited. Then, I called my friend and we chat. After a while, I searched the internet about it. Then I found this post. http://paetechie.blogspot.com/search/label/Scams

My thoughts are running after the other when I remembered that they asked only a credit card and SSS id as identifications. The SSS would be given to the receptionist to get a pass and the credit card for them. Huh!? Isn’t it that strange?

I decided not to go to their office the following day. Until now they are still contacting me about it. Many times I’ve told them that I’m not interested to claim that gift anymore and it would be better if they give it to others, etc. etc…

I wonder how many people have believed in this kind of “modus.” Those people should really be ashamed of themselves. They have families, too! And I just hope that they realized the consequences of their actions. Karma is always around just like scams.

After realizing my stupidity of believing such an attractive offer, I told myself that I won’t be entertaining such calls ever again. Do you know what happen? This post has a sequel!!! Hahaha… but please don’t get me wrong coz I was never scammed.

Please… Please… if you can spread the word to your friends and families, do it!
They might receive the very same call!

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  1. This scam is not new to me because I’ve been a victim also of a suspicious call from an insurance company. You guys be careful from the calls you receive stating that you won or you got free gifts or entitled to a certain promo. These are just baits that would lead you to a serious scam.

    Even sms text has scam. Before I received a text message telling me that I won 900,000 pesos from a raffle draw of a certain “GMA Charity Foundation” and for me to claim the said amount, I need to deposit a processing fee first to a certain bank. This kind of set up where you have to pay first made it very suspicious to me. And the fact that I didn’t join any contest; so I abruptly contacted GMA Network Station to confirm. And I found out that there is no raffle contest and the network’s organization is GMA Kapuso Foundation, and not GMA Charity Foundation. So guys beware of bogus text messages such as this.

    Btw, thanks liza for making people aware of the many scams.


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