small circles, big circles, crop circles?

This article is not a new one. For most people who are fascinated with the mind-boggling crop circle designs like me, this is something worth writing for. It was last week when I spotted the documentary show of National Geographic about Crop Circles. The title of the show is “Is it Real?”

The show tackles different topics that aim to answer its title. The episode “Cop Circles” had led me to watch it more even it has gone me until 1 am. All I uttered was, “Awesome!” With its beautiful design and amazing structure, I don’t think that it can be done within 5-6 hours in the middle of the night, all by human. Well.. not sure about it?!

This post is for the benefit of clueless yet interested individuals with crop circles. I made some research about it, collated the information and finally, decided to post it in here.

So what are crop circles? According to Wikipedia, if I may borrow their definition “Crop circle is a term used to describe patterns created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, canola, rye, corn, linseed and soy.” Different forms of crop circles are can be found in various parts of the world. It was also filmed in some movies.

Different crop circles were explained in various formations. It is believed to be alien-made that involves UFOs by some paranormal experts while the naturalistic people says that all of these eye-catching circles were man-made, of which many experiments and research concluded it to be the truth.

Most crop circles are can be found in wheat fields of England. It normally appears in the morning, of which many locals believed it was made by aliens to communicate using Sumerian symbols. Ball lightning, plasma and vortexes are the so-called UFO’s and aliens that made these circles during the night.

It was also several centuries ago when this theory was formulated. To answer the many questions and due to curiosity, several studies have made and it was found out that these circles, aren’t all man made despite of several pranksters admitting that they have hoaxed circles, to amaze, draw attention and furthermore, terror the people.

Up to now, the real explanation of this marvellous creation is a mystery. Though there are numerous proofs that it was made by man, many are still puzzling with its existence and how it was built. Here are other the crop circles made over the years. Would you believe it was made by aliens or man? As for me, I’d rather look to its beauty and astonishing design than to force the world to unveil its secret to me. Or you can visit the Crop Circles official site for more mysteries unfold.

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