guilty beyond reasonable doubt…

Former Philippines President Joseph Ejercito Estrada finally received the verdict of the Sandigan Bayan Court after 6 years of trial for his case, Plunder and Perjury. Today, September 12, 2007(Phil Time), has marked another history as Erap, that’s what Filipinos call him, was acquitted from Perjury Case (Case No. CC26905) but proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt with Plunder Case (Case No. CC26558) with a sentence order of “reclusion perpetua” or 40 years of imprisonment.

Due to his previous position in the state, being an ex-president, the court decided to send him back to his detention center in Tanay, Rizal despite of the refusal for special treatment by Erap’s panel. Erap’s camp decided to file for motion for reconsideration to once again, prove that he is innocent.

If you want to see the copy of the verdict article, please refer to:
Criminal Case Criminal Case No. 26558 for PLUNDER
Criminal Case NO. 26905 for Perjury
Sandigan Bayan site

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