Arcan Ville and Regghie M. Orpiada

They're speaking the Filipino language but seems they belong to another planet. With an evil mind and heart, they already got what they ask for - fame! Yes, you two will be forever remembered for your evil and heartless tweets.
And as a reminder, "Be careful with what you wish for!" Karma is now digital and God is always watching.

Note: I actually contemplated for a while about posting something about these two disgusting creatures. I was asking myself if they are worth my time then I realized that referencing them through my blog archive and be forever tagged as a disappointment to the Philippines especially to their families is worth of my 5-minutes.


  1. Paalala lang po, poser lang po yung ng sabi nyan at hindi yung totoong Arcan ville, Think before you click wag basta basta ng popost.

  2. okay.. kung sino man ang poser na yan. para sa kanya yan.
    yeah think before you click but it's just about the matter of who is telling the truth. Unless, you're the real Arcan or know who really is and you just want to clear names. :P


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