How Can I Contact DFA for Passport Questions?

This is really disappointing and annoying! The Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines offers several channels to contact them. They have a website, a Facebook Page and several trunk lines. But I can't reach to them!

I was on the phone for 15 minutes waiting for my call to be picked up! Imagine how much I can do with such time I wasted waiting on the phone. No one answered!

So I rushed to the Internet to find their plugged Facebook Page on the phone call waiting, Liked their page and then realized that there's no way to send them a private message? Duh?!

So I then went to their website and try to send a mesage via their contact form and they only have this option?
So DFA, do you have a Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr or a working email? argghhh....

This is my first time to renew my passport and I hate to accept that I have to go through these discoveries after five years. All I want to know is a confirmation that I will not need this requirement:

This is stated on their website under Renewal Passport - Their listing is kinda' confusing and I would like to personally hear that this is only for first time minor users.

Aliens who acquired Filipino citizenship or applicants with foreign-sounding family names (e.g. LIM, CHO, SY, LEE, SAMADI, SINGH, etc.):
  • Bureau of Immigration Identification Certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Election of Filipino Citizenship / Oath of Allegiance
  • If necessary,
  • Marriage Certificate of parents (duly authenticated by NSO)
  • NSO Birth Certificate of applicant or applicant’s brother or sister 
  • Anyone who knows?

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