Sony Tipo Touch Screen Error & Fix

When I lost my two cellphones, my honey surprised me again with a new cellphone a week after - the Sony Tipo. It's small and very convenient to use since it's a dual sim cellphone. Now I only need to carry one cp and use the contacts interchangeably. 

In the first two months, I have no issues on using the phone. It's my second touch screen phone and my first in Android. I love the applications until one day that I experienced difficulty on touch screen. Suddenly, it doesn't display the correct letters and the applications open so easily when my fingers unintentionally tapping it. It was a nightmare because it's barely new and I endured it in an entire week.

We were planning to have it checked in Sony service center but my Honey did some researches and fortunately found one fix. You can rarely see reviews and tutorials with real issue on Sony's Tipo. We're not also sure if Sony is aware of the issue.

So what we did is downloaded this calibrate tool, The Sony Tipo Calibration tutorial here has saved us a dime and lots of time. :)

Hope this helps!

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