Lost Cellphones and Facebook Security Settings

Last week is so unfortunate for me because I lost (or I should say, someone stole it from my bag- first time) the two cellphones that my Honey gave to me - the Nokia E-63 and Samsung Wave at SM North Edsa department store, 3rd floor Smart Buy section. Both are Christmas gifts and I value each of them.

It's been a week and I'm still devastated by the fact that I lost two at one time (they are in one case) and of all places (okay, negligence on my part), it's inside the mall where there are cameras (of which I'm not sure if there is one available in that area) and guards (okay, let's not forget how stupid some of their guards are in some random incidents). All I can remember is that I was distracted by some women who are following me, trying to make me believe that they are just looking for clothes and somehow managed to get into my bag and steal these two smart phones. I reported the incident to SM North Edsa and as expected, SOP has been observed but I never felt that they are willing to help. I felt how cold they are when they heard my story and so, treated it as one of the normal incidents in their mall. C'mon, they have multiple gun-related incidents and it's all news blackout (well thanks to concerned citizens who took a video of those). With that cold treatment, I don't think they will give any weight to my complaint. So consumers, BEWARE!!! THERE ARE PICKPOCKETS ANYWHERE EVEN AT GUARDED AND CCTV MONITORED (?)  SM MALLS!
And then, I don't want to rant again. 

I used my Samsung Wave in accessing Facebook. So after that incident, I immediately changed my password. I also just learned this security setting that you may want to check out.

I also suggest that you always log out after accessing it from your cellphone or don't even "set an automatic login", "remember password" or "keep login" at all times.

This is definitely a lesson I learned the hard way. It seems that I lost a valuable person because those two have been given to me with so much effort and heart. Call it exaggerated but until now, I can't still move forward. I still miss them. I'm even paranoid and sometimes get some hiccups each time I think of my negligence!

And for that someone who got my cellphones... tandaan!  
Ang gawaing hindi maganda, ang balik ay karma!

Again to everyone... keep your things at your sight all the time because Ang mga magnanakaw ay maagang namamasko ngayon!

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