Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian in The Bottomline with Boy Abunda

I grew up in Valenzuela. We moved here since 1987 and it's only now (only that I'am aware) that I frequently hear good things about our town. It's not really known before I must say! I remember during my college days, my classmates would ask me where do I live and when I say, I'm from Valenzuela, they will immediately ask, "saan yun?" Some actually would say, "ah sobrang traffic dun saka bahain". Yeah, it's quite embarrassing.

But now, when I say where I came from, people would ask me, "have you seen Shalani? Is she serving your district?" or "Oh your Mayor is the ex of Pauline Luna, right?". Even though some people has more interest on intriguing lives of our public officials here, I would like to still think, we're becoming known.

Well it's time to know Valenzuela and our current Mayor much deeper. I was not able to watch the exact airing of this interview of Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian in the Bottomline so I looked for it in YouTube. And sharing them with you too!

Unfortunately, the 4th part has been blocked.

Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian in The Bottomline with Boy Abunda

Guess what? Valenzuela has its own YouTube channel! Cool!

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