Land Registration Authority Online Inquiry, Insecure?

I'm planning to go to LRA to verify a land title that I recently purchased. Someone actually fixed the papers for us and I've already checked it in the Register of Deeds in our municipality. Nevertheless, I would still like to verify it from LRA.

So I got into their website looking for the contact number and process for verification when I came across this banner.

which leads to this link - I would like to try this one but kinda' hesitant on where it will lead me. First, the IP address is being used instead of a domain. I firmly believe that non-techie people should be able to read the LRA website, atleast and not this series of numbers. Secondly, the page should be forced to use secured network simply because the information being asked are somewhat or can be sensitive. I know that the government is doing its best to expedite the transactions and provide a fast service to the Filipinos and that's being appreciated.

BUT and a big BUT, I hope that by doing so, the government or even the IT department handling such important websites of the Philippine Government will realize that it's not acceptable to compromise the security of their users. If they are not that sure about the security of the page, better not to link it anywhere within the site. Minsan, naiisip ko kaya naha-hack ang mga website ng government because of such small security holes. Not good!

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