What's for Dinner? It's Pechay Baguio with Oyster Sauce

Yesterday, I was not able to take a shot of my Buttered Garlic Broccoli (which is a little bit salty due to butter I used..okay I learned my lesson now!) so now I see to it that I will not miss the dish I cooked for tonight.

Again, the Pechay Baguio is still one of the veggies I bought from Baguio and Google still played a special role in my cooking today. The dish is simple yet involved a lot of slicing.. hihihi...

The ingredients:
1 bundle of Pechay Baguio
2 pcs of carrots  (julienne)
Oyster sauce
Garlic, Onions and Magic Sarap

Cooking procedure:
1. Boil the pork with a small amount of water. Let it release its flavor and natural oil.
2. Saute garlic and onion. Then include the pork
3. place the carrots and pour a little amount of water. bring to a little boil.
4. place the sliced pechay baguio

5. put the heat in low and pour osyter sauce as you desired.
6. season it with salt and magic sarap (I love to cook with magic sarap).

here's the finish product
for most people especially those who really cook, this is something usual. But for someone like me who is just learning to cook and would now love to cook for my family, this is an achievement. And guess what, it's not that salty according to them. Oh, sorry for that extra spoon. Everyone's craving for it when I took the picture. They may be hungry after all. LOL.

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