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My sister (who is always cooking for us) recently got a job. Thus, as one of the girls left in the house, I'm oblige to cook. While it happened only during dinner time since my mom would leave us something to eat during lunch time, I still have to face the reality that I will have to stop my work and cook as soon as the 6PM ticks.

The first week was really devastating for me. I don't know how to cook. Believe it or not, I cannot even perfect the sunny-side-up egg. But as time goes by, I learned to budget my time and consult the net for some easy to do recipes.

I went to Baguio last weekend and got some fresh veggies. Now, I have broccoli to cook which I would like to be buttered. And yet, I don't know the recipe. So I consulted Google a minute ago and it just amazed me to learn how easy it is to prepare Garlic Buttered Broccoli. But what amazed me more is the extremely easy way to find the recipe. Here's what I'm talking about...

See the sidebar? That's it! I just discovered it today and I'm so happy. I think I will love cooking starting today.

Oh so well... while waiting for the rice to simmer, I was able to write this post. How multi-tasking am I now.. gee...

by the way, I also bought some fresh blueberries and I think I will cook it with sugar and have it for pancakes tomorrow...

I would love to post here the photo of my Buttered Garlic Broccoli..

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