Mano a mano with Revillame-basher Jim Paredes - repost

I once tweeted today that I could stay all day long tweeting and reading tweets from other people. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is definitely a channel for us ordinary people to know the thoughts of the famous. So I stumbled upon this post... I didn't mean to oppose on anyone or create a buzz for re-posting this. This is just something I would like to share... then you'll be the judge!

I had this exchange with Jim Paredes on Twitter, after I accused him of lying about his statements to the press on Willie Revillame. He then blocked me. Quite a sport, that guy.

In this post, I accused Jim Paredes, member of the anti-Willie Revillame crowd, of lying when he told reporters that he did not say bad things about Revillame when, in fact, he did. He apparently deleted his tweet that called the March 12 episode of Willing Willie disgusting, degrading and a case of child abuse.

Sometime later, Paredes tweeted this:

PAREDES: I commented about the show, not willie personally. I think you are scraping the bottom like a coward.

And so naturally, I replied.

CORDOVA: really? then why delete it?

CORDOVA: ”Hey, Willie. Your show is disgusting. It’s degrading. It abuses children. But don’t take this personally.” Is this about right, @jimparedes

PAREDES: No,, your putting quotes where there are none. Some reporter you are.

CORDOVA: who says i’m a reporter? i’m just an SOB with time in my hands, jimmy boy.

CORDOVA: you’re the one who deleted a tweet that could put you in trouble. who’s the coward?

PAREDES: If you want to meet and discuss this, I will be happy to meet you. YOu got time..

CORDOVA: don’t deflect this, man. this is not a pissing match. i’m just saying you lied.

Read the rest of the post here...

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