New Google Priority Inbox - Beta

I love Google products. Aside from the fact that nearly all of them are free, these products are simply the best when it comes to performance. Recently, I learned that you can call to US via your gmail (haven't explored it yet), and today, I learned about the newest addition to gmail- the Priority Inbox.

Google Mail or GMail is best known for its spam-catch feature. I actually love it. =) Now I love it more with their Priority Inbox which is still in Beta. I used GMail for all my emails because of its organizing features. So I tried it and I'm so far satisfied. For busy people like me, this is certainly a good way to manage our mails which will save us time and catch us from failing to read urgent and important mails.

 The Plus and Minus allows you to instruct GMail which email (according to sender) are top priorities and not.

Learn more about Google's Priority Inbox

Once again, Kudos for Gmail!

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