Be a Responsible Filipino even on Facebook

Our favorite snack, Lala has their very own Facebook page now. And those people who wants Willie to be out in wowoweee have already spoken on their created facebook page as well.

Well... Filipinos are no wonder, now dominating the Facebook with the various pages that we are creating. I saw some pages like, "Nung bata ako kumain ako ng nectar ng santan sa garden" and other funny stuff that we did during our childhood years. It's funny and cute in a sense that we are reminiscing some parts of our childhood.

For whatever reasons that we have in creating a page in Facebook, I just want to emphasize that it's still a public information. While people has enough judgment to choose what info should they believe in, we should still be responsible with every word that comes out to our shoutout. =) Remember, the world has access to these pages and they know that we are Filipinos. Let us not disappoint one another.

Note: I don't have issues/relations with the above mentioned pages. I just included them on this post as I believe, are common to us.

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