What is Palm Sunday?

Just this morning, I together with my two sisters went to Quaipo to attend a mass.  It's Palm Sunday. This is also my first time to attend a mass in Quaipo church. There were too many people and we were positioned at the door when we got there. We got a chance to move inside when some people decided to leave at the mid of the mass.

After the mass, people started waving their "palaspas" or designed palm leaves. I'm just so glad that I was able to take a shot of this scene. Anyways, while waiting for the priest's blessings, my elder sister began asking me, "why we are doing this?" To my surprise, I smiled and whispered with a little uncertainty, "actually, I don't know". When she asked for the second time, I told her, "we are dramatizing the entry of Jesus Christ before". And that's it. I think she's quite satisfied.

I admit, it was an impromptu question. I know the answer but suddenly, I became uncertain about it. So I looked for answers in the internet and I realized that my answer is not enough. According to About.com,

"On Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred to as "Passion Sunday," marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

The Bible reveals that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds greeted him with waving palm branches, and by covering his path with palm branches. Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus, he begins his journey to the cross.

he biblical account of Palm Sunday can be found in Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; and John 12:12-19."

So I'm quite correct with my answer but not so sure about some part of it. Now that I reviewed my lesson, I think I will never forget it the next time someone asks me the same question. =)

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