7 Wishes Candles

Yesterday, my family and I went to Antipolo to have our new van blessed. It was really hot outside but it's worth the time since we were able to attend the mass, bond with each other and pray.

Last week was one of the most devastating weeks I have. Unfortunately, last Wednesday was also my birthday ~ which I celebrated a little then done a lot of crying. It was a roller coaster of mixed emotions and I'm just so happy to finally release all the pain I'm feeling yesterday through prayers. It was a relief, I guess.

So enough for the sad stories because I want to share the 7 Wishes Candle I bought at the front of the church. I don't usually light candles. Well... it's not actually my thing but due to my desperation to solve all the problems that I have, I decided to buy one and lift up everything to God.

I got the chance to take a shot of these candles just before I light them. Here it is.

Here's the meaning of every color:
white  is for peace
green is for money
pink is for health
orange is for brightness
red is for life
yellow is for good spirit
violet is for material wealth

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