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I just joined "AkoMismo.org" and shared my pledge of what can I do for for this country. The first thing to do is to spread the word. Let everyone be aware of the problems that all Filipinos are facing now. Here's the TV ad.

Make sure that you do your pledge. It's a commitment to yourself and this country. Be a part of AkoMismo.org today!

An anonymous person left a comment in this post and said that AkoMismo.org is a scam. I'm still not sure about it but I rarely see the commercial these days. Anyways, he/she left this story http://greatergood.i.ph/blogs/greatergood/2009/05/05/is-akomismo-a-scam/ and I'm hoping that I was not scammed. haiz...

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  1. Before I post my comment, read this post regarding AkoMismo.org:


    Now, my two cents:

    Your friend was right. SMART Communications are gathering personal information (particularly mobile numbers and addresses) for their upcoming marketing program -- SMS Advertising.

    Apparently, a small local company that I know became a threat to SMART and Globe (although Globe hasn't taken this new marketing path yet) when this small company started introducing a new innovation in Philippine marketing, and that is through SMS.

    Are we going to let SMART Communications make a BIG fool out of us? And how pathetic it is that these BIG players got threatened by a small and newly established company! It's time that we STOP the BIG companies from monopolizing their


what do you think?

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