paypal conversion rates and fees

I just withdrew money from Paypal. And because I don't want to be charged for getting less than 7k, I waited for a month to gain more funds. To my surprise, well.... I must be oriented from the start... okay, to my surprise, the conversion rate of Paypal is much lower than what the market is offering. On the day I payout, the dollar conversion rate according to the news is $1 - Php 48.38. Pretty low compared to the past days but I said that's fine with me. Again.. to my surprise, Paypal's conversion rate is P46.83 and I said to myself, that would be fine for now because I just need money. After the processing is complete, I learned that they have deducted Php 200 from my payout which really pissed me off (I think it's the coeversion rate fee). While I don't have anything against them, I should have known about it. If only I knew that aside from charges there are still other charges, I would have set up a dollar account. =(

I think that Paypal is really a good service ... to US based users. But for those whose income depends on the fluctuating amount of dollar conversion (from the Philippines), every cent counts. But that's the reality and I can't just do anything about it. =(

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