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the reason I wrote this post is to share with you my experience in getting my passport. It was really easy and it took me and my mom, just almost 1 hour to have it done. Better than the previous policies, according to my sister.

when we got at dfa, many people are wondering about the new appointment system thus, they went there to just get an appointment -- I think one thing that had irritated most of them. Luckily, a friend of mine told me about this new policy months ago so I got the time to prepare.

For those who are planning to get or renew their passport, here are some few tips.

1. Visit Department of Foreign Affairs, Phils then fill up the form to get your appointment. This will absolutely save you significant time.

2. Prepare your needed documents. If you still don't have the NSO copy of your birth certificate and you can't afford the queue, you can just call 737-1111 or visit to have it delivered. It usually takes 3-4 working days and costs 320 pesos.

3. Check your email regularly to check DFA's response for your schedule. Normally, you will receive the confirmation 1 day after you have submitted your appointment application. You can re-apply if you're not available on the schedule given. Just fill up the form again.

4. Print the appointment letter for your pass in DFA

5. If you still don't have any picture available, there are several kiosks there that can take your picture. It will just take you 15 mins at most and the price ranges from 150-160 pesos only. No worries=)

6. Come on time....

7. After the processing of your passport, have it delivered to you. Usually, it will be delivered a day after your passport has been released. Delivery charge is really cheap - only 100 pesos

***For renewal, you may also want to try DFA's service - it will cost you Php 1,300. Just enough to pay for your precious time =)

I used to think that processing my passport would give me hard time but I think preparation has made it really easy! If you really don't have time, you can also call some legitimate travel agencies to have it done for you. =)

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