Best Sequel Movies

There are actually several sequel movies that ever graced in the big screen. Even during the early movie years, when the screen is still black and white, the movies with sequel have already dominated the film industry.

Now that we have the best graphics and cinematography, movies are more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Most of the sequel movies today are sci-fi, comics, comedy and action genre. I've listed here some of the best sequel movies, of which happens to be my favorites as well =)

1. Teminator, Terminator: Final Judgment, Terminator: Rise of the Machines
2. Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, Bourne Supremacy
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, At World's End
4. Harry Potter
5. Spiderman I, II, III
6. X-Men
7. The Mummy
8. Shrek I, II, III
9. Matrix
10.Mission Impossible

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