Just Signed Up for Paypal

Well... consider me a late bloomer... I just can't help but announce to everyone that I just signed up for Paypal and my EON card is on the process now! Whew hoo! That's pretty easy! Wondering that I can almost do anything in front of my computer, I don't even have to prepare myself and be presentable to the people from the bank. Cool, isn't it?

It's now that I realized the power of the Internet. Can't believe that I'm utilizing it completely. Hmmm... I might as well try purchasing some good products over ebay.com. I think that would be really exciting. Anyone?

Oh! Before I forgot, though that this might have been posted to different blogs already, for those who haven't set up their accounts for whatever purpose it may serve you. You can visit Paypal and sign up for an account like you're just registering for ordinary webmails.

On the other hand, if you're planning to apply for an EON card, then you need to visit Union Bank website and register. You may also visit the nearest Union bank to your place and prepare copies of two valid IDs. After you receive your card (2 weeks at most), you will be asked to pay for the annual fee of 350 pesos and deposit 200 pesos for your account maintenance.

Happy blogging and earning everyone! =)

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