“Indie” here… “Indie” there… “Indie” everywhere

I know everyone is familiar with the word “indie.” As for me, it would be great to have it included in the list for the “Word of the Year.” “Indie” had been terrorizing every industry that we are into. While some people are just using its literal meaning, “indie” if we are to expand and look for its real meaning, the word is an informal version of “independent”. However, in some areas, it doesn’t mean that everything is performing individually.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Indie, by this definition, is any business or designer that is not associated with a large company. Indie can also define the consumer who chooses to support small business, independent record labels and handmade items rather than shopping at big-box stores.”

Here are some of the famous words with “indie” as its significant prefix.
1.Indie Artist – these are the artists that are unsigned or don’t have a contract with any major music labels.
2.Indie Film- the films produced and directed by small-time producers and directors
3.Indie Game Developer (Indie Game Producer) – can be a one-man studio or a small team that develops various games.
4.Indie Group – a team or group that is not related and/or with big companies.
5.Indie Music --term used to describe genres, scenes, subcultures, styles and other cultural attributes in music, characterized by their independence from major commercial record labels and their autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording, publishing and live performing.

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