Pinay traumatized by horror trip to US - News

This is indeed traumatizing! I've never been to U.S. but have been traveling frequently to nearby countries. I was questioned once but I've immediately satisfied the immigration officer. This is just a clear indication of violation of human rights and truly humiliating for an elderly woman to experience, considering that she had visited the country for several times already. tsk tsk!

Here's an excerpt of the news

MANILA - A Filipina's trip to the United States to attend the wedding of her daughter turned into a nightmare after she was harassed, insulted, and deported by American immigration authorities.

Carina Yonzon Grande, in a statement to, recalled her harrowing experience at the hands of US Immigration officers at the Seattle International Airport on October 1.

Grande was traveling with complete valid documents -- a passport with a 10-year US visa valid until 2017, round trip plane tickets, and even shuttle vouchers.

The 63-year-old, who used to work for the Asian Development Bank, is well traveled and has been to Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Vanuatu, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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