God Bless the Philippines!

Everybody has shared their thoughts about the Napoles & pork barrel scam issue in social media and even in barber shops at sa Tindahan ni Aling Nena. Every tax payer has something to say. Our nation's reaction to this situation has proved that we are all getting matured in handling things such as these. Lahat tayo nagkaroon na ng pakialam.

With everything that has been said and done, let's all pause for a while and feel God's presence, of how much HE wants us all to learn and to keep learning. My piece is a short prayer for the Philippines and for all of us who are seeking justice and transparency. Let's continue to show our love to our country by keeping the spirit of togetherness to fight those people who only think of themselves.

We lift up everything to you, Dear Lord. May you bless the Philippines especially those who are in position to make things right and just.

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