Let Repellex x Them Out

Let Repellex x them out

In today’s world of environmentally correct thinking, chemical use especially in the great outdoors is gradually being replaced by more nature friendly products ranging from household items to outdoor use. Not only is this a good idea but long overdue.

Introducing Repellex.

Repellex has over twenty products and hundreds of very useful ideas for ridding yourself of insects and other unwanted pest in and around your home. Repellex even has products for preventing your pets from going where you don’t want them to go. Though you might assume these products are strictly for outdoor use just remembers they are all natural. In fact many of the products have a very practical use for indoor applications

Starting with our cat and dog repellent.

Repellex for dogs & cats deters them from damaging your lawn and garden by keeping them away. With its triple-action design it prevents them from digging and doing their personal business where you don’t want them to. Along with the odor and taste inhibitors, it also has a critical based nasal irritant that will deter animals from entering treated areas. Since the products are all natural, they will not harm your pets. It is also a great method for training or at least conditioning your pets. Check out Repellex.com to see how to get rid of moles in your yard.

Appling is fast and easy with granules. Just spread by hand or use a garden spreader.

The fruit & vegetable formula protects your vegetable garden from hungry insects and four-legged animals such as deer. Formulated to adhere mainly leaf and wood surfaces by creating a coating around the treated area. This mixture of plant extracts is effective against animals and insects. This high concentration of natural ingredients makes this product the most effective repellent on the market. With all-natural ingredients, it’s safe to apply throughout the harvest season. This can be use as an animal repellant as well, and is the longest lasting product per usage on the market.

These are just a few of the many products available with Repellex With our ongoing research and development, this is only the beginning. In addition to our many products we also have hundreds of tips on prevention that doesn’t always include the use of our products such as how to keep deer out of your garden.

If it’s natural solutions you’re looking for, we have the products, service, and answers.

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