Bling, Sparkle, Shine, Oh, My!

Bling, Sparkle, Shine, Oh, My!
If you are into sparkle and shine, you are in the right place! Here we offer a variety of amazing bouquet jewelry to bling out your flowers. Bouquets are, of course, beautiful, but when you add our crystals, Swarovski crystals or pearl accents, it takes your bouquet to a whole new level!

With our self-adhesive crystals you add to the petals of your roses or flowers, it is a subtle touch. Add our Devotion Crystal Bouquet bracelet to the stems of your bouquet and your bouquet will be blinged out and sparkling for sure!

With our crystal buckles to add to the ribbon around the bouquet, your flower arrangement will be shimmering and shining. With our array of a dragonfly, butterfly, cross or even monogrammed bouquet jewel, choices are practically endless.

Bouquet jewels, to put right in the center of your flowers are a great touch. They add glamour to your bouquet. Picture standing at the altar with the jewels catching the light and dazzling your guests. Imagine the light hitting the jewels for your photographs. Your bouquet jewelry, sparkling away, will make for the most beautiful black and white photos.

Envision walking down the aisle, the Bridal March playing, this is the moment of your life. Attached to your bouquet is monogrammed crystal bouquet jewelry, reminding you of your love, your soul mate. Their initial and yours right there in your hands, making for a romantic walk down the aisle. And a romantic moment standing at the altar with the person of your dreams.

If sparkly bling isn't quite your thing, we have pearls to insert right in the middle of your flowers. An understated touch that still speaks volumes. Pearls are a romantic, beautiful flair for the bride who prefers subdued wedding accents. Another delicate accent we have is the single Swarovski crystals to put in the middle of your flowers. They still have some sparkle, but the sparkle is elegant and soft. The Swarovski crystals are available in many different colors to match any color scheme at any wedding.

With weddings, the ethereal, subtle touches are what makes it. Crystals here, pearls there, and some dazzling bouquet jewelry, your wedding will be a day you never forget. It will sparkle and shine forever. Here at we want to help make that day a day to remember. In addition to our bouquet jewelry, we complete your hair, cake, and bridal needs, among other things. We want to make your day as special as it can be.

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