Online Social Security System (SSS)

Social Security System Philippines

Well, the online inquiry for Philippine SSS or Social Security System has been around for years already. If my memory serves me right, I signed up for it 5 years ago. The online facilities of SSS offers inquiry on premiums (contributions), a loan calculator, status of your claim, previous employment records and other information that you can ask from an over the counter personnel. It's very useful and can truly save you time.

Registration is easy. Access this link and supply the required information. For those who have registered already, you can access your account here --

I'm a voluntary member now. And I usually pay my contributions in banks personally. But now, I found a better and easy way to do this using Metrobank Online under the Payment Bills option.

Pay SSS via Metrobank

I believe there are other online facilities where you can pay your SSS contributions. No need to wait in long lines. I'm really glad that the Philippine government is now utilizing the advancement of technology. I just hope that these facilities are secured. :P

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