Mrs. Solita Monsod Last Lecture - Very Inspiring

I once dream of studying in UP but I never took the UPCAT test. Maybe because that time, I don't want to fail. After watching this video of Mrs. Monsod, she has sparked my urge to study again... in UP. Even though it is something that is far from happening anytime in the future, I would still love to turn back on these thoughts over and over again, until I'm ready.

Anyways, her lecture is so inspiring. Thanks to a highschool friend of mine who posted this on Facebook. Since grade school, all I ever wanted was to go and work in abroad. Simply because of financial reasons. Until I met someone from college and convince me to stay and work in the Philippines. This is maybe the irony of life... thinking that all my life, I'm dreaming of doing something else and end up doing the complete opposite. I'm happy though.

Here's the video to inspire you more...

She is 70 years old now but age doesn't matter in making a difference. She definitely love the Philippines.

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