Philippine Ice Cream (Dirty Icream) as Described by Wikipedia

Other ice cream like gelato is known as one of the most delectable cold treats, the Philippines' dirty ice cream is known as the dirtiest...LOLz...This is funny. Well... no hard feelings but it's the truth. This is how our ice cream being described by Wikipedia.

Main article: Sorbetes

Sorbetes is a Philippine version for common ice cream usually peddled from carts that roam streets in the Philippines. This should not be confused with the known sorbet. It is also commonly called 'dirty ice cream' because it is sold along the streets exposing it to pollution and that the factory where it comes from is usually unknown; though it is not really "dirty" as the name implies. It is usually served with small wafer or sugar cones and recently, bread buns.

it's not really dirty... though!
for those who want to try it...don't be's really delicious!


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