Does God Twits?

To ask this question is insane but have you ever thought about it? Do you still remember the song of Joan Osborne entitled, "One of us" with the lyrics, "what if God was one of us"? Was it an insane question?

Last night, while I was lying on bed, I decided to surf with my mobile about God for a few minutes. And I discovered this twitter account - It was actually an interesting account since it mentioned that it is own by God. Alright, so I look for Jesus account and I found it - I'd say, that's really cool!

So back to the song of Joan Osborne, what if God is really one of us? What if he is twittering, will you follow him? Will you retweet his words? Remember, many people during the time that he was here did not believe in him. Argh... now it can be confusing.

Anyways, I know that those accounts are own by real people and they tweet just what they want to tweet. But who am I to judge that these pips are just doing this for fun or to mislead us?

The answer to these questions are in our hearts. We are all created by God even though we don't all act like him. While we have the freedom to choose what we want to believe in but please do not be confused. Keep the faith in our God and you will safe. =)

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