I Don't Think This is Nice!

I missed the "Harapan - Vice President Debate" the first time it was aired. I was planning to watch it though when I saw that it be replayed but again, I was not able to catch it. I'm not irritated with the fact that I missed the show but I just couldn't help but feel upset when I received this email from one of the participants. I know that this is a mass email but I think that their email marketing campaign is really off. They got my personal email. grrr... To all candidates, be careful with your online campaign. For this one, I felt like my privacy was invaded.

Thank you very much for all the kind messages of support and congratulations you've sent regarding last Sunday's Harapan Debates. Nakakataba talaga ng puso.

All the text messages, emails, and Facebook posts-much like the throngs of people who flock to our sorties under the midday sun-all serve to inspire us to carry on this fight and to work harder to achieve a people's victory this coming May.

At this point in the race, the people are all the more becoming aware of what really counts: not the negativity and the mudslinging, but the authenticity, the transparency, and the sincere desire to serve the country. Senator Noynoy and I have nothing to hide. As I said in my opening statement: tao ang maglalagay sa amin sa puwesto, at sa tao lang kami mananagot. You are our boss.

Senator Noynoy, along with the rest of our Liberal Party, stands firmly on this principle. It has been our message, our battlecry since the day he took up the banner of change and reform: Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap. Kung tapat ang partner, tiyak ang asenso.

Only a few more weeks remain in the campaign. Let's give this one last push, and show the world that the Filipino will not choose cash over character, that the Filipino will not anymore let those in power rob us of our hope, and that the Filipino, truly, is worth dying for.

Thanks again,


Please stop this!

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