Do you still remember these? - Old Cellphones, Beepers, Game Consoles

The technology is evolving really fast. It seems like yesterday when the price of a standard sim card is worth Php500-2000++  (not really sure since my sim card is worth Php1,000 way back in 1999) and now it can be bought for Php10. I remember a friend of mine who bought an Intel Pentium 3 that is worth  Php50,000. That amount 12 years ago is really huge. With 50 grand now, you'll definitely enjoy a pc with monster specs.

Time flies and I bet that children of today no longer recognize or was not able to see old gadgets such as karaoke machine, stereos, computers, cellphones, game consoles and beepers. The technology changes in just a blink of an eye and you'll never know, you're already left behind. So can you still recognize these things?

These gadgets have invaded our world almost 15 years ago. So now that you've seen and compare them to what you currently have, can you still think of what the future holds for us?

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