New Year's Resolution

I'm not a firm believer of New Year's resolutions since most of the time, I tend to neglect them. While I do believe that if you want something to be done, you have to make it happen! The keys in achieving goals are not just about listing down all the things that you want to achieve but by focusing, giving your heart and readying yourself to the many challenges that will come along your way in your way.

So... I would like to give a new meaning to some of the famous New Year's resolution.

1. Instead of working hard to getting into shape this year, I will try to live a healthier lifestyle.

2. Instead of getting into more organized, I will try to make time for my self. I've devoted so much time in my work last 2009, it's time to spare some time for my self.

3. Instead of getting/changing a job, I will make sure that I will stand out in my current job. For me, all jobs are just the same everyday. What important is I'm happy and I'm learning and earning well...

4. Instead of keeping a check on expenses & pay down debt, I will try to buy a new house for my family. Thus, this means more expenses and debts for this year!!!

5. Instead of finding a new mate, I will work on my marriage this year! It's now or never!

While the next lines have been used over and over again, I would still love to work on it this year.

- Learn something new. I'm thinking about baking and photography.
- Helping Others / Doing Service to the Society. I should be more active this year. Blogs are great channels for this cause.
- Enjoy More and Travel More. Of course!

And more goals...
- Spend more time in blogging
- Focus more on business
- Avoid too much sleeping
- Focus more on my spiritual growth
- Study again
- Spend more time in reading books

Life is full of surprises and no one gets out alive. And they say that great curtains should not be used during special occasions only and beautiful dresses should be best worn at all times. Enjoy every moment of your journey and life would be easy. You only need to set your goals and the rest is about working on it fairly. Do what makes you happy and learn to be thankful with the blessings that God is giving you!

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