Kabayan! Makabayan ka ba?

It's common these days that you will see people wearing polo shirts, caps, shorts and even shoes with the map or flag of the Philippines as the design. As they say, "uso ang makabayan ngaun". I admit I'm one of those many Filipinos who want to express the love for this country. I was once active in helping our less fortunate fellows when I volunteered to repack goods for the benefit of the those who have been affected by the typhoon Ondoy. It's a great feeling despite of the hard times...

The nationalist in me started to spark when Francis M died. Then it was followed by the death of Cory Aquino and NoyNoy's declaration to run for the presidency. I don't know what happened but suddenly I felt that I' am responsible for this country.

Well... the bottom line is - aside from being involved in some activities to help our fellow Filipinos, I would like to also express how much I love the Philippines. And that is possible by wearing T-Shirts with designs about the Philippines. This is one great way to say my being "makabayan" without uttering a single word. Of course, let's not stop from there!

For those who are just like me, here are my recommendations:

I'm not, in any way involved with any of these t-shirts and even the promotion of it. Anyways, I would still like to thank Francis M's 3 Stars and a Sun and Flipsidetshirts for these images.

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