I feel like walking on the clouds..

Just this morning, I was awaken by the loud sound of our TV from the living room. While I'm still catching back my sleep, I heard that NoyNoy Aquino will announce his candidacy for presidency today. I then rushed into the living room and watch the next updates.

When Pres. Cory Aquino died, I realized that the Filipinos are still hungry for justice and good life. I must admit, I was once fascinated and carried away with the love and support that people of this country has given her. It even gave me the will to be like her and dreamed of becoming a president =).

When I also heard the news about the over 1M-peso dinner of Gloria Arroyo in the US, I really got angry that I would like her to step down from her thrown and see that there are millions of Filipinos who can be in that table as well. "Maitatawid na ang isang gabing gutom. Haiz..."

While listening and watching NoyNoy as he speaks, I can't explain the feeling of just walking on the clouds. I felt that my spirit has been elated and just as he said, I felt like looking forward to something better. Sabi nga nung isa nyang nakausap, "pwede na ulit mangarap".

So why am I saying this? "Kung ang Grade 5 na bata ay mulat na sa problema ng bayan, paano pa kayang ang tulad kong beinte otso anyos na at nag ta trabaho pero nde ko makita ang pagbabago at ginhawa sa buhay. " I'm not thinking ideally as this will not be very easy. What I want is to feel that we are being served and somebody will stand up not just for herself but for the people of this country (so si Gloria po ang tinutukoy ko - binoto ko sya noon... over FPJ. Nagsisisi na po ako ngaun!).

I will support and vote for NoyNoy Aquino in the upcoming 2010 election because of these 3 reasons:

1. he has integrity. He came from a family of respective leaders and I know, deep in my heart that he will not fail his parents and his people.

2. he is sincere. Every time he delivers his speech on TV, I feel like his conversing with me personally. He speaks to the language of common people and I can just feel his honesty.

3. he is a God-centered individual. We can all see it to him and his family.

As you can see, I did not include his political platforms. I believe that at this time, we need someone to have these qualities to become a good leader. NoyNoy has only one term in senate but his mom, ex-president Cory was only a housewife when she became the first woman president. While many people believed that he's not yet ready for a higher position, I feel like that these qualities will drive him to create and implement his political agendas towards the goodness of Filipino people.

I would always remember what he said, "mahirap magmana ng panunungkulan galing ke Gloria Arroyo". NoyNoy that's truly understandable. I want to express my support even after you've taken over the leadership through our freewill to vote. This is not an easy thing to do. And we thank you for standing up and giving us hope.

Go NoyNoy, we're behind you! We need you to lead us as much as you need us to be understanding in the current situation of our country. You can count on us...

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