a wonderful present

first, i would like to greet everyone a belated merry christmas! Just like everyone else, I've been busy in the last few days particularly preparing the presents for my family and the food as well.

while I'm not expecting to receive any gift from them, I still wonder if there's something in store for me. Well.. my honey has been very eager and excited lately to give his gift for me... that may satisfy my wonder.

Christmas finally came and I received my most desired present. I know I said that I love to have an iphone but that changed when I saw Nokia E-71. And the longing for E-71 has changed when I spotted the Nokia E-63 last week. It's more economical with a little difference on the features of E-71. Nevertheless, it is a phone that I can be contented with.

The phone was out on November 12, 2008 and it came to the Philippines just a week a go. I'm so glad that my honey gave me something that I can use since my job requires me to be online always. Oh how I hugged him to death... not enough to thank him!!!

Here's a shot of it from hugin.info

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