just got my eon card

i can't help but share it with you, guys. I had it just yesterday but not sure how to use it actually. I just paid for Visa Electron Annual Fee of PHP 350.00 then changed my pin.

alright, I tried to add the number to my paypal account but excited as I'am, it did not work. And so, I missed some important steps that I need to know. he he he.. I copied the "How to Start" from Union Bank to remind myself and others for the first things to do before you can fully utilize the card and finally take the fruit of your labor. =)

How to Start


1. A UnionBank ATM or Debit card
3. Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher


Before you can use online banking, the first thing you'll have to do is enroll your accounts via the UnionBank online enrollment form.

To access the enrollment form, click here then follow the four easy steps to enrollment:

Step 1: Validate your ATM card number and PIN
Step 2: Nominate a user ID
Step 3: Confirm your User ID
Step 4: Complete the enrollment form

You’re done. You will reach a confirmation screen signifying that your application has been received and can log-in 48 hours later.


To log in follow these steps.

1. Go to the log-in page.
2. Enter your User ID and ATM PIN.
3. Start banking online!

Following the steps above just shed light to my confused mind. Alright, next time, I'll read first =)

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