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one of the many disadvantages of having a free hosted blogs is the exceeded bandwidth. while there are lots of free templates available online, which we can all take advantage of, sometimes it is still better to have your own and have it hosted, otherwise, you might be affected with the exceeded bandwidth template problems. It happened to me three times already and so I decided to find new template to be excluded from the loop of bloggers who are using the same template. whew!

since there are many sites that offer free templates, which I commend them for being generous, these are just of the two sites that caught my attention. Not just because their templates are free but because they are excellently created and can be easily understood and modified.

I would like to thank the eblog templates for the template I'm currently using for this blog. They definitely have a lot of beautiful templates to offer. Another exciting and generous template maker that I would like to recommend is the Our Blogger Templates - their templates are simply exceptional.

So if you think that it's time to change... browse through the above mentioned sites. but don't forget to thank them! =)

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